At Beacon Dental Group in Boston, Massachusetts, we understand that not all patients are the same. Our priority is to provide our patients with many different treatment options for restoring or enhancing their teeth. Because of new dental technology, we can offer our patients a way to cover permanently damaged teeth while entirely changing the appearance of their whole smile. We do this through the use of veneers.

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Veneers Process 

A veneer is a thin covering made from dental material, either composite resin or porcelain, shaped to look like the outer surface of the tooth or teeth you are covering. Dental veneers are artificial coverings made to precisely fit your teeth in a dental lab. To create your veneers, we take multiple impressions of your teeth. Natural teeth will need buffing so that the veneers can fit comfortably on the tooth. 

Once you’ve discussed veneers with our dentist and decided that veneers are the best option for you, the veneer process will start! 

At your first appointment, we will take impressions of your teeth to make molds from them. We will send these molds to the dental lab with the specific details of how you would like to change your teeth. Veneers can change multiple characteristics of your teeth, such as: 

  • Closing gaps 
  • Elongating naturally shorter teeth 
  • Covering minor or major chips in teeth 
  • Making crooked teeth straight 
  • Changing the overall coloring and shade of your teeth

After it has been decided all that you want to be changed, the dental lab will work to complete veneers that fit your wants and needs. At this appointment, the dentist will also buffer the front surface of your teeth, preparing you for placement. You will be given temporary veneers or coverings for your teeth until the next appointment. 

At your 2nd appointment, which is the last in the veneer process, we will carefully fit the veneers onto the teeth to ensure accurate measurements and shades. Once everything is perfect, the veneers will be bonded to your teeth using strong dental material.

Benefits of Veneers 

  • Veneers are entirely customizable to your smile wants and needs. Discussing with the dentist, you can decide how to change each tooth and what shade you would like your new smile. 
  • Using composite resin or porcelain will give you pearly white teeth that create a natural smile. We must give you a smile that perfectly fits you and your face.
  • Veneers are a long-lasting cosmetic procedure. If they are taken care of properly, they can last you many years. Some cosmetic procedures are only temporary and need to be repeated to stay constant. 
  • By enhancing your smile with veneers, you also improve your confidence and self-esteem in your overall appearance. It is essential to love the way you look and smile often. Veneers will help you want to smile often and show off your teeth!
  • Both dental materials available to choose from are strong and durable. Many patients worry if their veneers will withstand the daily pressures we put our teeth under, but there is no need to worry. Composite resin and porcelain veneers will remain your tooth’s functions.
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Want a New Smile? 

There are many benefits to restoring your smile, and we can’t wait for you and your smile to flourish! If you have questions about veneers and are interested, don’t hesitate to contact our Dorchester Boston, Massachusetts office, Beacon Dental Group. We want our patients to love their smiles and encourage you to take advantage of veneers today. Give us a call today to get started changing your smile for the better.


We look forward to meeting with you!