I would like to thank Beacon Dental Group for all the care I received and that helped me a great deal in resolving my dental problems. I was suffering from severe tooth ache because of which I was unable to sleep or eat properly from the last week.
When I enquired about a suitable dentist, one of my friends recommended Beacon Dental Group to me. I was very nervous to go with the procedures but they were very supportive, helpful and explained me everything about the procedures.
The staff made me feel comfortable and made everything almost painless. At every step of my treatment, they made sure that I am happy with the proceedings. Before starting the process, I was explained every detail about the dental problem and the measures that would be followed to cure it.
Your assistance gave me relief from this disturbing toothache. I am very thankful to the staff here for providing me complete care and support during procedures. I recommend Beacon Dental Group with full confidence for getting solution from any dental problem.
Another point that needs to be highlighted is that all services that I received were as per the latest and most updated techniques available in the market today.