I became the patient of Beacon Dental Group at the recommendation of my relatives. I was suffering from terrible pain in some areas of my mouth. To be very true, I was very doubtful about this visit and the procedures they might be following.
When I visited there, Dr. Cressida Joseph examined me properly and told me about the cause of pain and the areas which needed immediate treatment. The staff was very supportive and they also told me about the procedures that will be followed for treating me and also answered my queries regarding the procedures to be adopted.
The environment is so clean and hygienic. I thank Dr. Cressida Joseph for helping me to smile again without any pain. I am sure that the problems that I have been cured for will not bother my life again.
Now I with my family always visit the clinic for regular dental checkup. I recommend Beacon Dental Group to my friends, neighbors and relatives for any oral problem. I hope that the reader also gets complete relief the way I did.