Dr. Cressida Joseph

Cressida Joseph, DMD and Cuthbert Joseph, RDH started their dental practice in January of 2000 for the purpose of serving the community in the special way that they do.
Even before Beacon Dental Group, Dr Joseph served the community since 1992 upon completion of her doctorate from Tufts Dental School.
BDG is located at 1026 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester, MA and we run an up to date office with the latest equipment and well organized, comfortable operating rooms.
We believe that a beautiful and healthy smile improves your quality of life and gives you confidence that helps you succeed in your professional and personal life. We strive continuously to deliver the best possible yet affordable dental services that would be of value to our patients. That, we feel makes them smile.
We are offering various treatments for your dental needs such as root canals, dental implants, crowns, braces and invisalign, white fillings and sleep apnea treatment. All these and more are directed to give you a complete dental experience.