Brenda White

Director of Operations

Brenda holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Boston College and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Boston University. She oversees the operational aspects of Beacon Dental Group to ensure we maintain our high standards of excellence administratively and that we advance as a company. She has many years of business management and consulting experience with companies of all sizes and has attained great success in Corporate America.

Dominique J. Thelismond

Office Coordinator

The daughter of our CEO/President and Vice President, Dr. Cressida Joseph and Cuthbert Joseph. She has been with the company since its early days, observing its growth and helping out however she could. For eight years she has aided in managing the payroll department and she assists with various administrative duties.

Dominique received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Psychology at Boston College and a masters in Social Work at Salem State University. With such expertise in human behavior, she comes as a great as asset to the daily operations of the company. As we aim for growth, our patients are our number one priority. Dominique assists the staff in applying all aspects of life when dealing with patients to offer them the best service possible. She has a passion for other people’s well-being along with dancing, traveling, photography and singing.

Tamarah Dubique

Office Manager

Tamarah holds associates degree in Mathematics and Physics, and is complemented by a very diverse skill set and work ethic.