Dr. Cressida Joseph


Dr Cressida L. G Joseph graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine  in 1992 determined to provide care to the public in a caring genuine way. Her passion for her purpose grew stronger over the years in public health.

Her sense of equity and compassion for the underserved and marginalized has always been close to her heart. And in 2000 with the encouragement from her husband, they opened their dental practice from scratch.

Beacon Dental Group represents a caring leader in the community and a beacon of light for all who interacts with them. Her dream of creating a practice and space that engenders trust, respect and hope has been expressed and continues to spur growth within the organization. She is a professional on a mission, whose heart is to help, encourage and inspire others.

Cuthbert Joseph


Cressida Joseph, DMD and Cuthbert Joseph, RDH started their dental practice in January of 2000 for the purpose of serving the community in the special way that they do.

Even before Beacon Dental Group, Dr Joseph served the community since 1992 upon completion of her doctorate from Tufts Dental School.

BDG is located at 1026 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester, MA and we run an up to date office with the latest equipment and well organized, comfortable operating rooms.

We believe that a beautiful and healthy smile improves your quality of life and gives you confidence that helps you succeed in your professional and personal life. We strive continuously to deliver the best possible yet affordable dental services that would be of value to our patients. That, we feel makes them smile.

We are offering various treatments for your dental needs such as root canals, dental implants, crowns, braces and invisalign, white fillings and sleep apnea treatment. All these and more are directed to give you a complete dental experience.

Dr. Jacqueline Jacobson

Dr. Jacqueline Jacobson, a 1995 graduate of Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, has practiced in Massachusetts and California for the past 16 years. After receiving her degree in general dentistry, Dr. Jacobson continued her dental education at Boston University, earning both a degree in Advanced General Dentistry (1996) and Advanced Education in Endodontics (1998). She graduated from Goldman School of Dental Medicine with an award from the American Academy of Oral Medicine for achievement, proficiency and promise of Oral Medicine.

Dr. Jacobson began her career working in Newton/Brookline and the Metrowest region. In 2000, she opened her own practice in Newton and followed up by opening another practice in Marlborough in 2002. Managing her own practice has led Dr. Jacobson to build strong personal relationships with her patients and taught her how to take the fear out of Endodontics.

Dr. Jacobson continues to pursue continuing education courses to keep her up to date on the emerging trends in the dental field, which allows her to provide the best care possible to her patients. She is also a member of the American Association of Endodontics, American Association of General Dentist, American Association of Advanced Education in General Dentistry, Massachusetts Dental Association, Boston University Alumni, California Dental Association. Dr. Jacobson also is trained in Nitrous Oxide Administration, Microscopic and Surgical Endodontics, and Laser Dentistry.

Dr. Danika Crabtree

Dr. Danika Crabtree has joined the periodontal team in our practice. The addition of Dr. Crabtree allows our practice to continue to deliver the highest level of comprehensive care to patients in our community.

Dr. Crabtree is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University, School of Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She completed her post–graduate periodontal residency also at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Crabtree is a diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology. She received her Bachelor’s degree at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA and after working in the field of Microbiology as Quality Analyst, she decided to return to dental school. She has been practicing in Florida but is a native Rhode Islander and is excited to return to the state. Dr. Crabtree was selected to join our practice because of her exceptional clinical abilities and shared values in patient care and caring.

Dr. Crabtree’s enthusiasm and clinical skills make her an ideal practitioner for our community’s periodontal needs. We feel privileged to work with Dr. Crabtree and am confident you will find her warm, experienced and more than capable.

Dr. Crabtree has had extensive training in dental implants and will be placing implants as well as performing Osteotome and lateral wall sinus lifts. As a periodontist, she will bring her esthetic eye to the placement of implants, especially in the maxillary anterior area, the most difficult area to treat. Dr. Crabtree also performs extractions, including third molars, both boney and partially boney impactions. In addition to other periodontal non-surgical and surgical therapy, she is trained to administer Botox and dermal fillers.

Dr. Jessica Liu


Dr. Jessica Liu received her D.M.D from Boston University and M.S and Certificate in Orthodontics from The Ohio State University. She loves working as an orthodontist and strive to bring highest quality treatment to all her patients, to help them to achieve beautiful smiles. She recognizes that each patient is unique with respect to concerns and keep our patients well informed in all aspects of their treatment.

The best reward of her hard working days is the beautiful smile from patients who have completed orthodontic treatment. Dr. Liu is deeply committed to her profession and regularly take continuing education courses to make sure to offer patients the most effective, advanced technology available.

Outside of Offices, she enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking. She spend most of her free time with her families and friends.