Braces at Beacon Dental Group

We have families of all ages come into our Dorchester Boston, Massachusetts office, so we wanted to have treatments and procedures that anyone could need and benefit from. Unlike traditional dental practices, at our dental group, we offer our children and adult patients the option to receive orthodontic work. We offer two forms of orthodontics, Invisalign and traditional braces. Almost anyone can qualify for traditional braces. They are a treatment that you can count on to do their job, and it is entirely affordable. If you are interested in traditional braces, give us a call today!

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Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are simply the metal braces you have seen in your everyday lives! They are referred to as “traditional” because of new types of braces recently invented and introduced. 

Orthodontic work is a dental specialty in diagnosing, preventing, and correcting misaligned teeth and jawbones. We can use dental appliances to shape your teeth into a beautiful and healthy smile if you have severely crooked teeth or a misaligned bite like an overbite, underbite, or crossbite. 

Not only are braces around so that each one of us can have a perfectly straight smile, but they also improve the health of our smile and teeth. No matter how bad the misalignment of your teeth is, traditional braces are something that can work for you. They can enhance the appearance of your smile and boost your self-esteem.

How Invisalign Works

Traditional braces use metal brackets and archwires to push and pull your teeth into a new position. The dentist will slowly shift your teeth into the correct position using these metal dental appliances. At your first appointment, x-rays, photos, and impressions will be taken of your teeth so that the dentist can decide your exact treatment plan. 

We will then begin the process of cementing the metal brackets to your teeth, depending on your specific smile. We bond the metal brackets to each tooth, and the archwire goes through the brackets on the archwires. These two work together to pull or push your teeth where they need to be. 

You will need to come into our office for a general check-up throughout your treatment. During the check-up, we will check your progress and tighten the wires and brackets so that they continue to pull your teeth into the correct position. We also offer colorful rubber bands that we can place on each bracket. 

There is no general time frame of how long treatment will be; we can decide that for each patient specifically and separately.


Benefits of Traditional Braces:

  • Metal braces will work. The treatment has repeatedly been proven that it can bring you long-lasting results. You can count on the braces to do their job. 
  • Metal braces are the most affordable orthodontic treatment available. 
  • Traditional braces work quickly. You will begin to notice the better alignment of your teeth within the first couple of weeks. 
  • Straightening your teeth will keep them healthier. You can avoid tooth decay and gum disease by having everything aligned in your mouth. 

Are you already a patient at Beacon Dental Group? Please give us a call or speak to us about the possibility of braces at your next appointment. We would love to sit down with you and answer all of your questions. We want to be as transparent with you as possible to know what you are getting into with Invisalign or traditional braces. We are able and willing to help any patient or resident in Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, obtain a straight smile. Please come see us today! We are eager to work with you.